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Dance Courses as Applied to Liberal Arts Requirements

  • Arts Distribution: All dance courses fulfill the arts distribution requirements.
  • World Civilization: West African Dance, North Indian: Kathak, and The Art of Salsa/Latin. Two of these .5 credit courses fulfill the full credit World Civilization requirement.
    World Civilization courses can be additionally used to fulfill either arts distribution OR culture distribution requirements.
  • Culture: West African Dance, North Indian: Kathak, and The Art of Salsa/Latin. Two of these .5 credit courses combine to fulfill the full credit Culture requirement.

Note: Occasionally Special Topics courses in Dance will apply toward fulfilling the above requirements and may be petitioned to the Academic Review Board. Please contact your instructor for advice regarding receiving distribution requirement credit for Special Topics courses in Dance.

Courses Offered in Dance
DNC 11 Introduction To Physical Theatre
DNC 12 Ballet I
DNC 13 Ballet II
DNC 14 Ballet III
DNC 15 Ballet IV
DNC 21 Modern I
DNC 22 Modern II
DNC 23 Modern III
DNC 24 Modern IV
DNC 31 Hip Hop I
DNC 44 West African Dances Of Identity
DNC 46 North Indian Dance: Kathak
DNC 47 North Indian Kathak
DNC 49 Tai Chi: An Experience of Time and Tempo
DNC 60 Intermediate Hip Hop Fusion
DNC 62 Dance Repertory & Performance
DNC 65 The Art Of Salsa
DNC 66 Intermediate Salsa
DNC 69 West African Dances Of Community
DNC 71 Dance Movement And Creative Process
DNC 75 Choreographer's Workshop
DNC 77 Dance on Camera
DNC 81 Origins of 20th Century American Dance
DNC 91-94 Special Topics
DNC 96, 97 Special Tps: Study Abroad
DNC 117 Studies In Dance Composition
DNC 191 Advanced Dance Studies
DNC 192 Dance Research Project
DNC 193-194 Special Topics
DNC 194A Foreign Ghana
DNC 196-197 Special Tps: Study Abroad