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Extracurricular Dance

Extracurricular dance groups are popular centers of social and creative student activity. These groups operate independently of the Dance Program, though we enjoy a healthy cross-over between the Dance Program and these groups. Dance groups rehearse in our Dance Program studios and share informal campus programming. For further information regarding the extra-curricular dance groups, please contact the Tufts Office for Campus Life at 617.627.3212 or via individual group representatives.

  • Tufts Ballroom – a student run dance group focusing on ballroom and latin dance. We give lessons on a biweekly basis to anyone who is interested in learning. In addition to lessons, we participate in both competitions and social dancing, and have a show dance component. No audition or experience is required!

  • Tufts Bhangra – one of Boston's premier co-ed bhangra teams! Bhangra is a traditional north Indian art form that has evolved in the United States into a high-energy and competitive style of dance. We compete all over the country each year and we have traveled to places like Santa Barbara, New York, Ohio State and more. On-campus, we usually perform multiple times a semester, including performances at the annual TASA Culture Show around the end of February! Each year, we have tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester. Come check us out!

  • Tufts Burlesque Troupe – exists to create an identity affirming and body celebrating community through dance. We are an ever-expanding, no cuts group with over three hundred dancers. Our style of dance is diverse, encompassing everything from traditional and contemporary burlesque to hip hop. We produce one show at the end of each semester with approximately eighteen dances.
    Burlesque welcomes dancers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Our number one goal is for dancers to feel confident and sexy both on and off stage. For questions and comments, please email us at burlesquetroupe@gmail.com.

  • Tufts Dance Collective – A no audition, no experience necessary dance group

  • Tufts La Salsa – is Tufts' only Latin dance group. We dance a variety of Latin dances, focusing mostly on salsa and bachata. We have an open club and a performance team.
    The club is open to everyone. We teach club lessons every Tuesday from 8:30 - 9:30 in Jackson Lab. We also go out to local latin dance clubs, occasionally sponsoring the outing. We also host the on-campus event, Noche Caliente.
    Our dance team rehearses all year round, often performing at the end of the first semester and always performing our pieces at culture shows, dance showcases, fundraisers, and other events throughout the second semester.
    We create our own choreography, drawing both on tradition and fusion, and and encourage students' connection and reconnection to Latino culture through the rhythms and movements of Afro-Latino dance, both social and performance.

  • Sarabande Repertory Dance Ensemble – A group of dedicated dancers who choreograph, produce, and perform shows for on-campus and off-campus audiences each semester. Sarabande's work is primarily modern, jazz, and ballet based.

  • Spirit of Color – A student run performing arts dance troupe that encourages students to explore their creativity through dance and share their artistic expression with others