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Fall 2017 Courses
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Below please find a listing of courses for Undergraduate and Graduate students in Drama.

Please note: The Department offers two to three graduate seminars per term, and also encourages students to pursue individually scheduled directed readings, as well as related courses in other departments such as History, English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Anthropology, or by special arrangement (with no extra cost) at Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis, Northeastern, and Radcliffe Women's Studies Consortium, and the Tufts Summer School.

Please contact the Drama and Dance department with any inquiries regarding the following course offerings at 617.627.3524.

Undergraduate Courses Offered in Drama
DR 2 Ancient and Medieval Theatre
DR 3 Early Modern Theatre
DR 4 Modern and Postmodern Theatre
DR 5 Production Prep Crew
DR 6 Production Run Crew
DR 10 Acting I: Introduction to Acting
DR 8 First Year Showcase
DR 11 Introduction to Physical Theatre
DR 12 Acting II
DR 15 Makeup Design and Application
DR 16 Costume Technology
DR 17 Theatre Technology
DR 18 Lighting Design I
DR 20 Stage Engineering
DR 21 Computer-Assisted Design: 3-D Modeling
DR 22 Art of Multimedia
DR 25 Stage Management
DR 27 Public Speaking
DR 28 Voice and Speech
DR 29 Scene Painting
DR 30 Acting Shakespeare
DR 33 The American Musical
DR 39 Contemporary American Theatre
DR 40 Performing America, Exploring Identity
DR 43 Gay and Lesbian Theatre
DR 47 Writing the Short Film
DR 48 African American Theatre & Film
DR 50/ILVS 50 Introduction to Film Studies
DR 51 Latino Theatre and Film
DR 53/CLS 55 Greek and Roman Tragedy
DR 54/154 Greek and Roman Comedy
DR 57/GER 57 Bertolt Brecht
DR 59 German Theatre from Lessing to Muller
DR 60 Shakespeare on Film
DR 62 Hollywood Comedy
DR 65 Sport as Performance
DR 70 Latin American Theatre and Film
DR 72 Imagining the Holocaust on Stage and Screen
DR 77 Screenwriting I
DR 80 Practicum in Acting
DR 81 Practicum in Production
DR 93, 94 Special Topics
DR 94-01 Acting for Directors
DR 94-02 Cabaret
DR 99 Internship
Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Offered in Drama
DR 100 Acting III
DR 112 Advanced Acting Workshop
DR 117 Evolution of Fashion
DR 118 Lighting Design II
DR 119 History of Style and D├ęcor
DR 125 Scene Design
DR 126 Costume Design
DR 129 Advanced Scene Painting
DR 135 Advanced Scene Design
DR 140 Performing America, Exploring Identity
DR 141 The American Theatre
DR 143 Gay & Lesbian Theatre & Film
DR 147 Playwriting I
DR 148 African American Theatre & Film
DR 151 Latino Theatre and Film
DR 152 Producing for Film
DR 155 Directing I
DR 156 Directing II
DR 158 Film Directing
DR 170 Latin American Theatre and Film
DR 172 Imagining the Holocaust on Stage and Screen
DR 178 Screenwriting II
DR 183, 184 Practicum in Design
DR 185, 186 Practicum in Directing
DR 187 Teaching through Drama & Improvisation
DR 193, 194 Special Topics
DR 193 Fairy Tales and Film in the Modern World
DR 198/199 Senior Honors Thesis
Graduate Courses Offered in Drama
(open to qualified undergraduates with consent of instructor)
While each faculty member has specific areas of specialization, course offerings remain diverse, encompassing a wide range of theater history and theory. Recent graduate seminars include:
DR 220 Research Methods and Materials
DR 236 Ibsen and Strindberg
DR 240 History of American Popular Entertainment
DR 244 Commedia Dell'Arte
DR 249 History of Directing
DR 251 Pre-Revolutionary Russian Theatre
DR 252 Post-Revolutionary Russian Theatre
DR 254 Domestic Tragedy: Women and Violence in Theatre
DR 255 Early Twentieth Century American Theatre
DR 261 Classical Dramatic Theory and Criticism
DR 262 Modern and Postmodern Dramatic Theory
DR 265 Theatre and Visual Studies
DR 293-01 Theoretical & Historical Development of African American Theatre
DR 293-03 Adaptation: The Cultural Politics of Storytelling
DR 294 Play Translation and Cultural Transmission
DR 294 Confronting Genocide on Stage and Screen
DR 294-01 18th-Century European Drama and Performance
DR 294-02 Contemporary Latin American Performance: Activism, and Memory in the Southern Cone