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Graduate Program: Theatre and Performance Studies



Black or Red? The Construction of Identity in Langston Hughes' Plays" (Katya Vrtis)

"Forgotten Figures: The Rhetorical Function of Tecmessa, Chrysothemis, and Ismene in Tragedies of Sophocles and Selected Adaptations" (Tiffany Pounds-Williams)

"Theatre of Common Sense: Ernie McClintock, Jazz Acting, and the Black Power Aesthetic (1965-2003)" (Ibby Cizmar)


"American Billing: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Shakespeare" (Danielle Rosvally)

"The American Pipe Dream: Drug Addiction on Stage 1890-1940" (Max Shulman)

"Arab and Muslim American Female Playwrights: Resistance and Revision through Solo Performance" (Megan Stahl)

"Freaks, Beasts, and Gadgets: Performing Order and Disorder in Early America" (Matthew DiCintio)

"Constructing the Sensorium: Neoliberalism and Aesthetic Practice in Neoliberal Theatre" (Paul Masters)

"Cultural Improvisations: Luigi Riccoboni and the Nouveau Theâtre Italien" (Matthew McMahan)

"Documenting Rehearsal for Revolution: Theory, Practice, and Praxis in Theatre of the Oppressed" (Betsy Goldman)


"Private Lives on the Public Stage: Celebrity and Antebellum Theatre" (Michael Lueger)

"Without Dignity: The Outer Limits of Sexuality in Contemporary Humor Noir" (AJ Knox)


"Of Beasts and Men: Animal Bloodsports in Early Modern England" (Heather Phillips)

"Performing the City: Finding a Place Called Home in Contemporary Hong Kong Activist Theatre" (Linda Lau)

"From Troubles to Peace: Northern Irish Women Playwrights, 1980-2012" (Fiona C. Coffey)


"Famine Plays of an Gorta Mor and the Holodomor" (Alyssa Schmidt)

"Improvisation for the Mind: Theatrical Improvisation, Consciousness and Cognition" (Clayton Drinko)


"Impossible Bodies in Motion: The Representation of Martial Arts on the American Stage" (Meron Langsner)

"Friends, Beloveds and Companions: The Shadow Life of the Fin-de-Siecle American Lesbian Actress" (Helen Lewis)

"Coming Home: US-Latinos on the Broadway Stage" (Colleen Rua)


"Theatre in Cape Verde: Resisting and Recreating National and Cultural Identity in Postcolonial Lusaphone Africa" (Eunice Ferreira)

"Vaudeville and the American Experience of the First World War as Seen by Variety" (Jenna Kubly)

"Performing Nation: Imagining Taiwaneseness in Twenty-First Century Theatre in Taiwan" (Wen-ling Lin)

"At a Sword's Length: Theatrical Duelling in Early Modern Spanish Drama" (Hugh Long)

"Drama and the Peaceable Kingdom: Adaptation and Cultural Identity in a Just Society" (Rachel Mansfield)

"A Philadelphia Story: Refinement and Resistance on the Nineteenth-century Philadelphia Stage" (Raymond Saraceni)


"Beyond Angels: Broadway Theatre and the AIDS Epidemic, 1981-2006" (Virginia Anderson)

"Still Ridiculous: The Legacy of Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatre Movement, 1987-2007" (Sean Edgecomb)

"The Republic of Dreams:
Stacy Klein and the Double Edge Theatre" (Kevin Landis)

"'Worthy of Imitation': Contemporary Mormon Drama on the Latter Day Stage" (Callie Oppedisano)


"Carlo Gozzi's Zobeide: An Annotated Translation" (Emma Dassori)

"Comic Coolie: Charles T. Parsloe and Nineteenth-century Frontier Melodrama" (Jacqueline Romeo)

"Constructed Places: Shakespeare's American Playhouses" (Christopher Scully)

"The Festival in Krakow: Examining the Revival of Jewish Culture in Poland" (Karolina Wrobel)

"Staging the 'Folk': A History of Harlem's Little Theatre Movement 1920-1940" (Adrienne Macki)


"'Exactly As You Envisioned': Alan Schneider's Direction of Samuel Beckett" (Natka Dawn Bean Bianchini)

"Fantasy, Irony and the Grotesque: E.T.A. Hoffman and Russian Modernist Theatre," 1910-1922 (Dassia Nadezhda Posner)

"Italian Renaissance: Giorgio Strehler and His Productions of Carlo Goldoni's Servitore de due" (Scott W. Malia)

"Tour Ensemble: The Actor/Creator and the Indlience of the Pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq on America's Ensembles" (Susan W. Thompson)


"Looking for a Fight: Violence on the Early Commedia dell'arte Stage" (Kyna Hamil)

"The Mythos of Madame Vestris: Theatrical Memoir and the Consequence of Performance" (Paula T. Alekson)

"The Proscenium Cage: Comparative Case Studies in U.S. Prison Theatre Programs" (Laurence Michael Tocci)