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Graduate Program: Theatre and Performance Studies

Recent Faculty Publications & Service

Barbara Wallace Grossman

A Spectacle of Suffering: Clara Morris on the American Stage, Southern Illinois University Press.

"'Musical Theatre Directors," in The Oxford Handbook of the American Musical, Eds. Raymond Knapp, Mitchell Morris, and Stacy Wolf (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011), 281-293.

"Tadeusz Słobodzianek's Our Class: Trauma within the Story Circle" and "Speaking of the Play," Prologue.

"One Show Glory" and "Speaking of the Play," Prologue.

"Shards of the Past, Glimpses of the Future" and "Speaking of the Play," Prologue.

"The Lion King: A Blockbuster Feline on Broadway and Beyond," The Disney Musical on Stage and Screen: Critical Approaches from Snow White to Frozen, Ed. George Rodosthenous (forthcoming )

Presidential Appointee National Council of the Arts

Presidential Appointee U.S. Holocaust Memorial Committee

Vice Chair Massachusetts Cultural Council

American Repertory Theatre Board of Advisors

Anti Defamation League's New England Regional Board

Kareem Khubchandani

"Terrifying Performances: Black-Brown-Queer Borrowings in Loins of Punjab Presents" Journal of Asian American Studies, Vol. 19:3 275-97.

"Snakes on the Dancefloor: Bollywood's Queer Gestures," The Velvet Light Trap, Vol. 77, 69-

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"LGBTQ Activism in South Asia," The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1-5.

Review of The Performance of Nationalism by Jisha Menon, Theatre Journal, Vol. 67:3, 583-4.

"Lessons in Drag: An Interview with LaWhore Vagistan," Theatre Topics, Vol. 25:3, 285-94.

"Staging Transgender Solidarities at Bangalore's Queer Pride," Transgender Studies Quarterly, Vol. 1: 4, 517-22.

Association for Theatre in Higher Education Vice President for Advocacy

Association for Theatre in Higher Education LGBTQ Conference Planner

Noe Montez

"Memory, Transitional Justice, and Theatre in Post Dictatorship Argentina", Southern Illinois University Press, 2017

"Decolonizing Wikipedia through Activism and Activism: The Latina/o Theatre Wikipedia Project" Theatre Topics (27.1).

"Keepin' it 100: Performing Recovery in Cleveland Public Theatre's Y-Haven Project" Theatre Topics (23.1).

"Money the Hard Way: Performing Rehabilitation at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo." Texas Theatre Journal (9).

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Review of Theatre of the Borderlands: Conflict, Violence and Healing by Iani del Rosario Moreno Latin American Theatre Review, Vol 50.1.

"Mapping Latino Theatre: Performing Latinidad Across the Americas" American Theatre December 2016, p. 21-24.

"Pedagogy Notebook: Creating Visibility and Empowerment for Latina/o Theatre Artists through Wikiturgy." Howlround.com.

"Dreams of Resistance, Action, and Empowerment at ATHE 2014." Howlround.com.

American Society for Theatre Research Executive Committee

Association for Theatre in Higher Focus Group Rep, Latinx, Indigenous, and the Americas Focus Group

President, Board of Directors, Sleeping Weazel Theatre

Board of Directors, Company One Theatre.

Heather Nathans

Hideous Characters and Beautiful Pagans: Performing Jewish Identity on the Antebellum American Stage. University of Michigan Press, 2017

The Oxford Handbook of American Drama, assumed editorial role after death of original editor, Jeffrey H. Richards; also contributing author, Oxford University Press, 2017

"Nation and Ethnicity in American Performance and Theater," Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature, 2017

"An Outbreak of Horror: The Gothic on the American Stage," in The Cambridge Companion to the Gothic. Cambridge University Press, 2017

"Native Genius: Jewish Artists in the Antebellum American Theatre," in By Dawn's Early Light: Jewish Contributions to American Culture. Princeton University Press.

"Representing Ethnic Identity on the Antebellum Stage, 1825-1861," in The Oxford Handbook of American Drama. Oxford University Press.

"A Glorious Rising for Liberty: Slave Rebellions on the National Stage," in the Cambridge Companion to African American Theatre. Cambridge University Press.

"Worth a Thousand Words: In Search of the Right Image," for the Festschrift in honor of Phillip Lapsanky." Library Company of Philadelphia.

"'O my ducats, O my daughter: Seductions and Sentimental Conversions of Jewish Female Characters in the Early American Theatre," in Seduction and Sentiment in the Atlantic World, 1600-1800. Palgrave Macmillan.

"Crooked Histories: Race, Federalism, and Re-presenting Alexander Hamilton: Roundtable on Hamilton," Journal of the Early Republic, 2017

"Behind the Book Stall: An Editors' and Publishers' Forum," Theatre Survey.

"Review of the 2011 Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture Annual Conference," co-authored with Holly Brewer. Early American Literature.

Past President American Theatre and Drama Society

Past President American Society for Theatre Research

Chair Tufts University Department of Drama and Dance

Laurence Senelick

trans., August Strindberg, The Ghost Sonata. Broadway Play Publishing.

A Historical Dictionary of Russian Theatre, 2nd edition. Scarecrow Press.

trans., Euripides, Crazed Women (The Bakkhai) Broadway Play Publishing.

ed. and trans. (with Sergei Ostrovsky), Soviet Theater: A Documentary History. Yale University Press.

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ed. and trans., Stanislavsky: A Life in Letters. Routledge.

trans., Evgeny Shvarts, The Dragon. Broadway Play Publishing.

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"Russian enterprise, Bengali theatre and the machinations of the East India Company," New Theatre Quarterly 109: 20-29.