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Kim Production

Kim Production

Kim Production

Theatre and Performance Studies Productions: Past Productions


By Bathsheba Doran
Directed by Barbara Wallace Grossman

October 26-28 and November 2-4, 2017 at 8:00 pm
November 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm

"Powerful performance this evening by Tufts Department of Drama & Dance of Kin written by Bathsheba Doran & directed by Prof Barbara Wallace Grossman!" – Tufts President Anthony Monaco via Facebook

"Congratulations to the entire Kin team on such a wonderful opening! Everyone's hard work paid off in a show that was moving, funny, and deeply thoughtful." – Department Chair Heather Nathans

In writing Kin, Bathsheba Doran said she was "attempting to conjure the globe." The play takes place over a seven-year period in various locations in Ireland and America. At a historical moment when some want to build walls to separate people, Kin explores the strong bonds between them. It delineates emotional relationships with humor and compassion to show how real and sustaining even the most unlikely connections can be. The action unfolds like snapshots from the characters' lives. Anna, a graduate student, is writing her dissertation on Keats's punctuation, with a particular interest in his ellipses, and has just begun dating Sean, an Irish personal trainer. Like the ellipses she studies, their developing relationship, complicated by issues of class and geography, becomes a Kind of "connect the dots" game as they are almost never seen together onstage. Through the experience of characters drawn into Anna and Sean's emotional orbit, Kin becomes a reflection on community. Notwithstanding the fear, doubt, and anxiety that afflicts many of them, the human need for connection and the courage to take risks helps Kin end on a note of optimism.

Throughout the run of Kin, Drama and Dance collected toiletries for the EASE program. Launched in 2016, EASE stands for "Equity, Access, and Student Equality" at Tufts. Thank you to all contributors for helping to make our campus a more equitable and accessible community!

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