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Tufts Dance Program Innovation Fund

Established in 2014, The Tufts Dance Program Innovation Fund (TDPIF) supports innovation and risk-taking by the Tufts Dance Program, its faculty, and undergraduate students beyond the confines of mainstream dance studies and emerging dance forms; creative process; choreography and performance; and cross-disciplinary research. The fund supports first through third year students (non-second semester seniors) with the ability to participate in innovative projects and learning opportunities, and dance faculty who are exploring and cultivating new areas of artistic work and scholarship.

Examples of funding for students and dance faculty include but are not restricted to collaboration and interdisciplinary projects, summer workshops and classes, attendance at conferences and professional events, and other endeavors that reach beyond the scope of current Dance Program activity.

Student Eligibility: First year through first semester seniors are eligible to receive funding to support projects taking place between first year spring and senior fall semesters. (Projects scheduled to take place during a student’s second semester senior year are not eligible). Students awarded TDPIF grants receive mentorship for their projects from full-time Tufts Dance Program faculty members either through independently arranged meetings and discussions, or through registering for DNC 191 or 192 as an independent study course, depending upon the scope of the project.

Faculty Eligibility: Current full- or part-time faculty who are scheduled to be employed and active at Tufts either during and/or after the period of the grant are eligible to apply. Faculty proposals that have a clear connection to student and program development will be given priority.

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For further information about the Tufts Dance Program Innovation Fund, contact Dance Innovation Fund Co-Directors:
Renata Celichowska & Daniel McCusker