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- Declaration Form

The Dance Minor

The dance minor consists of a minimum of 16 SHUs taken in Dance Program courses. Dance minors have the option of choosing an emphasis on Technique & Performance; Creative Process & Choreography; or World Cultures in Dance.

Dance Minor Requirements

Required for all Dance minors is a minimum from the following areas of study*:
  • 2 SHUs: International Dance Traditions
    (includes among other special topics, LatinX, African Disaporic, Kathak)
  • 2 SHUs: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and/or Musical Theater
  • 2 SHUs: Creative Process
    (includes a minimum of one of the following: Dance Movement & Creative Process, Studies in Dance Composition, Dance Repertory & Performance)
  • 2 SHUs: Dance Research Project
    (Senior capstone project, either a research paper, or choreographic work with accompanying short paper)
  • 8 SHUs: Dance Program course electives
    Dance Minor electives planned in conjunction with the Dance Program Director based on chosen areas of emphasis.
  • Dance Concert Production Crew
    Production assistance on one Fall OR Spring Dance Program Concert (includes front or back of house crew hours approx. 9-10 hours over 3 days).
  • Optional SHUs: An additional full credit minimum in the area of Dance History or Research is strongly recommended, though not required.

* Dance Program Special Topics courses may fulfill these required areas. Contact Program Director, Renata Celichowska for further information regarding special topics courses and requirements.

The above requirements apply to students scheduled to graduate in Spring 2020 and beyond.

Declaring a Dance Minor
Students interested in declaring a Dance minor may do so at any point in their academic studies at Tufts. Interested students should arrange a meeting with Program Director, Renata Celichowska, to plan a proposed course of study in the minor and to fill out a Dance Minor Declaration Form.

For further information contact:
Renata Celichowska, Senior Lecturer and Director of Tufts Dance Program