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Theatre and Performance Studies

Undergraduate Program

Minor in Theatre and Performance Studies

The Theatre and Performance Studies minor consists of a minimum of five courses taken in the department: one foundational course (TPS 01 or 02 / TPS 10, 11, or 12 may count for class of 2021-2023 only, TPS: From Page to Stage may count for 22-24 only), one Theory, Culture, History Course, 9 credits of specialization/elective, and one credit of stage production experience (TPS 80 or 81). We also offer a Minor in Dance. For questions about the minors in Drama or Dance, contact dramadance@tufts.edu.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Multimedia Arts
The interdisciplinary minor in multimedia arts is offered by the Departments of Art and Art History, Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Music. Please see Multimedia Arts for more information.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies
Please see Film and Media Studies for more information.

The Application Process
The application process does not require an audition or interview; tapes and portfolios are not accepted. On a visit to the campus, you are welcome to observe Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies classes and meet with a faculty member. Arrangements should be made in advance through the Department Office, by calling 617.627.3524, or you can email the Department Administrator. Please see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information.