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Graduate Program: Theatre and Performance Studies

Recent Faculty Publications & Service

Barbara Wallace Grossman

Funny Woman: The Life and Times of Fanny Brice, Southern Illinois University Press, 2009.

A Spectacle of Suffering: Clara Morris on the American Stage, Southern Illinois University Press, 1991.

"'Musical Theatre Directors," in The Oxford Handbook of the American Musical, Eds. Raymond Knapp, Mitchell Morris, and Stacy Wolf (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011), 281-293.

"The Lion King: A Blockbuster Feline on Broadway and Beyond," The Disney Musical on Stage and Screen: Critical Approaches from Snow White to Frozen, Ed. George Rodosthenous, 117-133.

Kareem Khubchandani

"Snakes on the Dance Floor: Bollywood, Gesture, and Gender" The Velvet Light Trap, Vol. 77 (2016): 69-85.

"Aunty Fever: A Queer Impression" in Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance, ed. Clare Croft (Oxford University Press, 2017): 199-205.

"Terrifying Performances: Black-Brown-Queer Borrowings in Loins of Punjab Presents" Journal of Asian American Studies, Vol. 19:3 (2016): 275-97.

"Cruising The Ephemeral Archives of Bangalore's Queer Nightlife" for Queering Digital India: Activisms, Intimacies, and Subjectivities edited by Rohit Dasgupta and Debanuj DasGupta (Edinburgh University Press, 2018).

"Voguing in Bangalore: Blackness, Femininity, and Performance in Globalized India," for Scholar and Feminist Online, Vol. 14:3 (2018).

"Staging Transgender Solidarities at Bangalore's Queer Pride," Transgender Studies Quarterly, Vol. 1: 4 (2014): 517-22.

Noe Montez

Memory, Transitional Justice, and Theatre in Argentina's Post-Dictatorship. Southern Illinois University Press, 2017.

"The Heavy Lifting: Resisting the Obama Presidency's Neoliberalist Conceptions of the American Dream in Kristoffer Diaz's The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" Theatre History Studies (37), 2018.

"Decolonizing Wikipedia through Activism and Activism: The Latina/o Theatre Wikipedia Project" Theatre Topics (27.1), 2017

"Keepin' it 100: Performing Recovery in Cleveland Public Theatre's Y-Haven Project" Theatre Topics (23.1) 2013.

Money the Hard Way: Performing Rehabilitation at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo. Texas Theatre Journal (9), 2013.

Heather Nathans

Hideous Characters and Beautiful Pagans: Performing Jewish Identity on the Antebellum American Stage. University of Michigan Press, 2017

The Oxford Handbook of American Drama, assumed editorial role after death of original editor, Jeffrey H. Richards; also contributing author, Oxford University Press, 2017

Early American Theatre from the Revolution to Thomas Jefferson. Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Slavery and Sentiment on the American Stage, 1787-1861. Cambridge University Press 2009.

"Native Genius: Jewish Artists in the Antebellum American Theatre," in By Dawn's Early Light: Jewish Contributions to American Culture. Princeton University Press.

Laurence Senelick

Jacques Offenbach and the Making of Modern Culture. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

The Soviet Theater: A Documentary History. Yale University Press, 2013. (Co-authored with Sergei Ostrovsky).

Stanislavski: A Life in Letters. Routledge, 2013.

The Changing Room: Sex Drag and Theatre. Routledge, 2000

The Chekhov Theatre: A Century of the Plays in Performance. Cambridge University Press, 1997.