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Graduate Program: Theatre and Performance Studies

Professional Development: Internships, Awards, and Grants

Graduate students presenting in class
We encourage our graduate students to enrich their theatre training with internship opportunities.

The graduate program in Theatre & Performance Studies offers internship grants for graduate students to promote Immersive Engagement and Experiential Learning. This initiative is an opportunity to diversify our graduate students' Ph.D. portfolios so that they may apply their degrees to a wider range of potential professional opportunities beyond the academy. The initiative includes the possibility to earn credit for internships during the semester, a limited number of modest internship grants during non-funded semesters, professional development roundtables and career fairs, mentorship from a faculty member serving as the internship coordinator, and the integration of professional development into the curriculum through a new required course. Students are welcome to look near and far for internship opportunities: they can be placed in other offices at Tufts (fundraising, RCD, Dean's Office); in arts or advocacy organizations in Boston and New England; or they might be closer to your research field site/summer archive destination. Our department works closely with Tufts Career Center to assist our students in discovering internship opportunities.

Apply for the IEEL Grant  |  Tufts Career Center

Please don't hesitate to contact your academic advisor, Kareem Khubchandani for more information.