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Spring: 2017
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Students News - Spring 2018

Tufts University Academic Awards
April 2018
The following Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies' students received 2018 academic awards.
  • The Alice Trexler Dance Studies Prize: Megan Trilokekar-Fernandez
  • The Goddard Rhetorical Prize: Joshua Gitta & James Williamson
  • The Greenwood Prize Scholarship: Ana Anatolin & Jonathan Rooney
  • The Jane Anne Herman Prize: Nicky Carne & Kevin Lombard
  • The Stephen Sapuppo Prize: Celia Gittleman & Claire Meher
  • The Class of 1911 Prize Scholarship: Aliyah Sanders
  • The Ellen C. Myers Memorial Prize: Corinne Thomas

Spaghetti Night Department Awards
April 2018
The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies presented the following awards are the 3Ps Spaghetti Night, which was a celebration of Tufts student theatre.

  • Best Actor: Blyss Cleveland, Fires in the Mirror
  • Best Director: Phoebe Cavise, Red
  • Best Stage Manager: Nicky Carne, Kin
  • Best Scenic Design: Pan Moncada, Red
  • Best Costume Design: Ana Antolin, Pippin
  • Best Costume Tech: Kari McNeil, Pippin
  • Best Hair & Makeup Design: Riyah Pital, Pippin
  • Best Lighting Design: Tom Magerlein, Red
  • Outstanding Service to the Department: Stanton Cope, Celia Gittleman, and Kristin Reeves

Graduate Student Accolades
April 2018

  • Peter Spearman successfully defended this M.A. thesis in Theatre and Performance Studies, "The Man Within: Depictions of Blackness in Superhero Adaptation".
  • Teri Incampo defended her M.A. thesis "But What if Instead We Imagine Black Life" Femininity, Performance, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • Katherine Swimm successfully defended her Phd dissertation project on representations of madness on the British stage
  • Seçil Reel Sen was the recipient of the Burnim Prize presented at the Tufts GSAS Awards Ceremony.
  • Amy Meyer directed a Still, now at the Boston Center for the Arts.

2018 Capstones
Drama Undergraduate Senior Capstones
April 2018
Congratulations to the following seniors who completed their senior capstone projects:

  • Kevin Lombard, Lungs
  • Ben Nissan, The Merchant of Venice
  • James Williamson and Kristin Reeves, Dutchman

New Graduate Students
April 2018
Noe Montez announced next year's accepted students in the Theatre and Performance Studies MA/PhD Program. Congratulations to Mia Levenson from the University of Maryland and Washington D.C.'s Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, John Michel (Jo) Rezes from Vassar College, and Manjari Mukherjee, who received an M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

Hype! Mimez Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Hype! Mimez Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
April 2018
Founded in the spring of 1998, HYPE Mimez is America's only collegiate mime troupe based at Tufts University—they write, direct, and perform original mime skits set to contemporary music. HYPE combines cool mime techniques and theatrical staging to (silently) tell stories of all kinds. This spring took a walk down the mime-ory lane by celebrating with a 20th Anniversary Show.