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Student Productions: Spring 2017
Pen Paint & Pretzels (3Ps) and Umbrella Student Group Productions

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3Ps Presents: Gnit

By Will Eno
Directed by Peter V. Secrest
November 17-19 at 8:00 pm  |  Balch Arena Theater

Gnit, a "rough translation" of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt, is the story of Peter Gnit: womanizer's search for love, an underachiever's quest to be emperor, a liar's hunt for truth. The play begins with Peter arriving home to find his mother upset that he forgot to pick her up from the hospital. Before his mother can finish talking, Peter is off to break up a wedding, meet the love of his life, impregnate another woman, run off to Morocco, burn down an asylum, and finally return home to reflect on his life. A story that questions the decisions we make in our lives and how our world demands empathy, but we are too busy, distracted, and/or self-centered to give it.

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Torn Ticket II Presents: Fly By Night

By Kim Rosenstock, Michael Mitnick, Will Connolly
Directed by Corinne Thomas, Music Directed by Simone Allen
December 1-3 at 8:00 pm   |  Balch Arena Theater

A story of lives interwoven by a series of magical threads, this dark comedy follows a pair of mid-western sisters in their journey to New York City. As the girls weave their way to Broadway and to the Greasy Spoon Café, their paths are intercepted by sandwich makers, a fortune teller, and even a playwright. This celestial piece finds comedy and joy in the face of darkness and sparks tragedy when least expected.

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